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A touching Documentary on the Evacuation of Helsinki University Library’s Treasures has been published

A new documentary titled “Save Science! Evacuations of Helsinki University Library 1939–1945” has been published on Kirjastokaista (Library Channel) and National Library’s YouTube channel. Helsinki University Library, now the National […]

Nordic Libraries Annual 2023: Freedom and Flexibility – Self-Service Libraries in the Nordics, November 2, 2023

Nordic Libraries Annual is an annual conference looking at topical issues in public libraries and library development. The next Nordic Libraries Annual will be held online on November 2, 2023. The conference […]

Nordic Libraries Annual 2022 – Literacy, Libraries and The Civil Society on 2-3.11.2022

Nordic Libraries Annual is an annual conference looking at topical issues in public libraries and library development. In 2022 the conference will be organized 2-3.11 in Helsinki, at the Central Library Oodi. Most of the […]

Nordic Libraries Annual 2021 – Libraries Creating Strong Societies on 3-4.11.2021

Nordic Libraries Annual is an annual conference looking at topical issues in public libraries and library development. This year conference will be organized online on 3-4.11.2021, and focus is on […]

Watch the videos from the first Nordic Libraries Annual conference

Library Channel (Kirjastokaista) has co-operated many years with the Regional State Administrative Agencies in Finland (AVI). When we were asked to become a partner in a seminar on sustainable development, […]

Welcome to renewed

Useful information and interesting facts about Finnish libraries can now be found even easier than before, gathered under themes that are the building blocks of Finnish public libraries: functioning society, […]

Online livestream from the seminar Reshape 2019

Reshape 2019 gathers librarians and other professionals from different countries to the newly opened, amazing Helsinki Central Library Oodi May, 6th – 7th, 2019. This year’s theme is Reshaping Lives […]’s new interface brings clarity and quickness to the user’s user interface has been modified during the spring. The changes have made the site clearer to use and programmes are now easier to find. Additionally the site is now […]

Behind the scenes: READing Dog Sylvi

Library Channel has many cooperation partners who produce videos of their own which can also be seen on the Library Channel website. One of these partners is Liisa Rossi who […]

Tale of a Library will be published on 13th of November 2017

You have entered Finland’s most popular cultural service when you open the door of your local library or study your library’s collection online. Libraries have lived with the flow of […]

Library Channel renews its language versions

Library Channel has three language versions: Kirjastokaista in Finnish, Bibliotekskanalen in Swedish and Library Channel in English. Earlier all the programs were included in all the versions. We renewed the […]

From collections to connections – Reshape-conference inspired library specialists

RESHAPE – Designing the future of the library -conference gathered library and service design specialists from fifteen different countries to Helsinki, Finland. The conference manifested the idea of libraries as […]

Finland celebrates 100 years of independence with books

Finland is the most literate country in the world, according to a new report from Central Connecticut State University. It’s the first study to analyze large-scale trends in literate behaviour […]

Designing Today, Destination Tomorrow: Libraries equipped to serve and innovate

New libraries are currently being planned or have recently been completed in many cities around the world. New technologies and changes in individual behavior alter the way in which we […]

Library Connection – 10 years of co-operation

Library Connection documentary is now ready and available for viewing at Kirjastokaista. It can be downloaded, embedded on any site and be shown anywhere without limitations. The city of Vantaa […]

The Library of Parliament – 100 Years of Openness

The story of parliament’s library is part of the history of finnish society. Started in 1913, the library’s openness sets a good example of finnish democracy. There’s only a few […]

Cycling for Libraries community is expanding!

It’s an unconference, a cycling trip and a movement. Cycling for Libraries event was held for the third time this summer. Gathering together one hundred librarians and library lovers, cyc4lib […]

New website on Finnish libraries published

Börje the Reading Assistance Dog, Hunt the Mole game, open data applications and a mobile library shared and operated across country borders in Lapland are some examples of the topics […]

Libraries Now! – Inspiring, Surprising, Empowering

The World Library and Information Congress 2012, 78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly, took place at the Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Centre in Helsinki, Finland.