About Library Channel

  • General info
  • Library Channel (Kirjastokaista) is a part of Libraries.fi (Kirjastot.fi), which is a gateway to all library services in Finland. You will find videos and radio programs about books, writers and libraries as well as its services. Library Channel participates in advancing reading, promoting and marketing the library’s services and current themes with its videos. In addition, Library Channel acts as an educational channel e.g. for library professionals and students, teachers and media education professionals.

    You can share and embed our videos to different sites or blogs and show them in an event or as a part of a lesson in Finland or abroad. The videos don’t have a limited release time, you are able to watch and listen to them without any limitations. All materials produced by Library Channel are licensed with a Creative Commons -license (CC BY-NC-SA).

  • Technical info
  • Librarychannel.fi-site has been created using WordPress. Library Channel uses Vimeo to upload its videos and SoundCloud to upload its audio from where they’ll be imported to the librarychannel.fi-site. So you can also watch Library Channel’s videos on Vimeo and listen to audio in SoundCloud. Library Channel also has a YouTube-channel where you’ll find a small, selected collection of its videos.

    Library Channel live-streams events as multi-camera productions and uses Vimeo as broadcasting platform. From Vimeo we can embed the videowindow into different sites. For example we stream to Facebook and Youtube if needed.

    All the videos are available in SD-, HD- and Mobile formats and you can view them in almost every device that can play Flash- or HTML5-videos.

  • Crew
  • Library Channel has three full-time employees and an editorial board that meets twice a year. The board’s purpose is to promote synergy between different operators.

    Library Channel crew
    Riitta Taarasti: Editor and Producer
    Panu Somerma: Video Production
    Mikko Helander: Video Production

    Library Channel’s extended crew
    Anna-Maria Malm, Libraries.fi: Translator and Assistant Editor for productions in Swedish
    Harri Oksanen, Libraries.fi: Graphic Designer

    Library Channel’s editorial board members
    Mikko Helander, Video Production, Library Channel – Libraries.fi
    Päivikki Karhula, Chief Information specialist, Library of Parliament

    Päivi Karhumetsä, Information Specialist, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
    Anneli Ketonen, Senior Library Advisor, Regional State Administrative Agencies
    Teemu Kokkonen, IT Designer, National Library of Finland
    Riikka Kulmala, Lecturer, Library and Information Services, Turku University of Applied Sciences
    Vesa Liminka, Library Director, Vaara-Libraries: Rantakylä, Nepenmäki and Karsikko
    Päivi Litmanen-Peitsala, Communications Planner, Libraries.fi
    Tutta Periviita, Librarian, Kittilä City Library
    Riikka Rajala, Organisational Secretary, Finnish Library Association
    Sari Siekkinen, Producer, Yle Entertainment & Culture
    Panu Somerma, Video Production, Library Channel – Libraries.fi
    Minna Suikka, Information Specialist, Helsinki University Library
    Riitta Taarasti, Editor and Producer, Library Channel – Libraries.fi
    Riitta Vivolin-Karén, Producer, The Sign-Language Library

  • Background
  • Everything started with the Kirjastokanava-project which was initially started together with Kuntakanava (currently Kunta.TV) on the 10th of january 2009. The first user interface was published 11.12.2009 and the first videos were mainly interviews of authors and book presentations of newly published books. Interviews were made by editors Seppo Toivonen, Karo Hämäläinen and Riitta Taarasti. Due to the release of Library Channel, the radio- and video productions of different libraries have been centralized to a single website, where all programmes are easily found, utilized and shared. Librarychannel.fi’s properties are constantly being developed along with its video production.

    Library Channel is being produced by funds granted to Libraries.fi by Ministry of Education and Culture.