Library Day – Kirjaston päivä – Bibliotekets dag

Every day is Library Day – although the actual occasion is on the 19th of March. The Library is a strong influencer in Finnish society. Library Day is also a day for Minna Canth and equality as well. Library Day speaks about the multifaceted services and the tireless work for equality and literacy of the library.

Organized by the Finnish Library Association, Library Day was celebrated for the first time in 2019. Libraries around the country participated enthusiastically by arranging various events and escapades. Library Day is celebrated in 2020 for the second time.

Library Channel and Finnish Library Association have in collaboration produced a video that libraries around the country can share to relay its versatile possibilities and services to the people. The video has been tailored to be shared, presented and also embedded to websites. There’s also a Facebook version of the video that can be used to promote Library Day on the platform.

Read more:
Information about Library Day on Finnish Library Association’s website (in finnish)

The video on Library Channel’s other platforms:
Facebook video
YouTube video

Concept: Panu Somerma
Cameramen: Panu Somerma ja Mikko Helander
Editing: Panu Somerma
Color Grading: Mikko Helander
Visual Effects: Mikko Helander
Sound Design: Tuomas Kytöniemi
Producer: Riitta Taarasti
Production: Library Channel and Finnish Library Association (Kirjastokaista and Suomen kirjastoseura), 2020

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