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The multilingual library is your library, no matter where you live in Finland. The Multilingual Library collection at Pasila Library in Helsinki contains materials in more than 80 languages for children, youth and adults alike. In addition, there are music, movies, magazines, audio books and e-books available. So you can go to your local library and ask your staff to order the materials you need.

The multilingual library offers the opportunity to read literature in your native language. The library wants to contribute to the preservation of native languages of people living in Finland. The task of the multilingual library is to support the library services of foreign-language population living in Finland, to establish contacts with domestic and foreign cooperative bodies, to provide information and advice.

In 1995, the Helsinki City Library – Central Library of the Public Libraries was assigned the task from the Ministry of Education to act as a Library for foreigners, now known as the Multilingual Library in Finland. Multilingual Library is financed by the Ministry of Education.

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Multilingual Library pages at (in English)
Multilingual Library pages at (in Finnish)

Guide: Deek Gurhan
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Producer: Riitta Taarasti
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Production: Library Channel –, 2015

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