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Produced by Dr. Anna Kortelainen in collaboration with the National Library and Library Channel, the Save Science! documentary recounts the story of science evacuation. It delves into the evacuation of the National Library’s collections during the Winter and Continuation Wars.

As the international situation escalated in September 1939, Helsinki University Library began preparing for wartime conditions. When the Soviet Union heavily bombed Helsinki in February 1944, a massive evacuation of science commenced far beyond Helsinki. 80 years after these events, the Save Science! documentary reveals the story of evacuations and introduces the heroes of the evacuations. Who were they and how was science evacuated?

Written by Anna Kortelainen, the documentary sheds light on new information about science evacuations and the invaluable contribution of volunteers as part of the rescue efforts. The film contains a wealth of archival material as well as new material filmed specifically for this documentary. It also includes segments where Anna Kortelainen connects the events to the present day by interviewing Kimmo Tuominen, Director General of the National Library.

During the Winter and Continuation Wars, the name Helsinki University Library was used for the National Library. Helsinki University Library then had a national role and task: to collect and preserve all published material in Finland.

The documentary has been published for viewing and presentation on the website and the National Library’s YouTube channel. The film can be freely shown at events and screenings, but its commercial use is prohibited. The film can be screened from or downloaded as a file for screening purposes. Screenings can be arranged freely without seeking permission from the creators, but we appreciate every screening and would be pleased if you inform the producer at Kirjastokaista, Riitta Taarasti,

The Save Science! documentary is dedicated to the wartime staff of Helsinki University Library and to the thousands of volunteers who carried out evacuations in Helsinki and various parts of Finland.

Acknowledgments: Kimmo Tuominen, Riitta Sarovuo, Tuomo Jumisko, Lasse Hämäläinen, Tuula Apajalahti, Satu Aaltonen, Elisa Vahosalmi, Jussi Kärmeranta, Johanna Kivimäki, Pirjo Koivisto, Hannu Anttoora, Antony Bentley, Sofia Schulgin, and Erik Mickwitz †

Thanks for the use of images:
Amanita Oy, Helsinki City Museum, Hyvinkää City Museum, National Audiovisual Institute KAVI, National Library, Lusto – Finnish Forest Museum, Finnish Heritage Agency, North Karelia Museum, SA-Image, Sastamala Region Museum, Finnish Business Archives ELKA, Finnish Tourist Association, Finnish Railway Museum, Museums in Tampere History, Science Museum Liekki, and Turku Museum Center.

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Documentary Title:
Pelastakaa tiede! Helsingin yliopiston kirjaston evakuoinnit 1939–1945 // Rädda vetenskapen! Evakueringarna av Helsingfors universitetsbibliotek 1939–1945 // Save Science! Evacuations of Helsinki University Library 1939–1945

Publication Date: April 17, 2024
Language: Finnish
Subtitles: Finnish, Swedish and English
Duration: 57 minutes
CC License: CC BY-NC-SA (non-commercial use)

Screenplay and Concept: Anna Kortelainen
Narrator and Interviewer: Anna Kortelainen
Interviewee: Kimmo Tuominen
Voice Actors: Janina Berman and Pertti Havas (Artlab)
Cinematography: Mikko Helander and Joonas Nevalainen
Editing: Mikko Helander
Image Editing: Joonas Kolehmainen, Anna Kortelainen and Joonas Nevalainen
Sound Design: Joonas Nevalainen
Color Grading and Special Effects: Mikko Helander
Producer at the National Library: Joonas Kolehmainen
Producer at the Library Channel: Riitta Taarasti
Music: Storyblocks
Production: Anna Kortelainen, National Library and Library Channel, 2024

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