Kalle and Keijo’s library classification

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“Kalle and Keijo’s library classification” is a humorous video about library classification. The animation’s creator, Tuomas Toivainen, is also known for creating the “Hullu – hullumpi – yläaste” animation series for Yle (Finland’s national broadcasting company). The series describes the lives of Kalle, Antti, Keijo and their classmates who all go to the same junior high school. These familiar characters also star in the library animation. No humour is spared, even if the library as a subject can sometimes be “extremely serious”!

You can also find the video on YouTube. The video has received a huge number of views and comments there! Spoken in Finnish, subtitles available in English or Finnish.

Kalle and Keijo’s library classification on YouTube:
Kallen ja Keijo’s library classification

Crators of the animation:
Producer: Animagency
Makers: Tarinapaja Oy
Subscriber: Ratamo Libraries

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