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READing Dog Sylvi taking a peek at old-time Christmas

READing Dog Sylvi taking a peek at old-time Christmas! Now with English subtitles.
Sylvi the Reading dog wishes you a Merry Christmas and lots of good readings!

Sylvi the READing Dog works in Kuopio City Library. She helps and inspires children to read. Sylvi likes books and libraries and lots of other things, too. Wellcome to Sylvi’s vlog!

READing Dog Sylvis vlog
READing Dog Sylvis homepage at Kuopio City Library pages (in Finnish)
READing Dog Sylvis “Muzzle in the book -blog” (in Finnish)

Featuring: Sylvi, Peura Maria Myers and Anna-Maija Seppänen
Script: Liisa Rossi
Filming and editing: Raimo Pesonen
Translation: Ulla Ritvanen
Production: Kuopio City Library

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