Author-dogs – Sirpa Kähkönen

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In the Author-Dogs -series Sirpa Kähkönen tells us how her dog affects her work as a writer and everyday life. Take a walk with Kähkönen and her mixed-race dog Nelli accompanied by reporter Marko Gustafsson to explore the fields of Viikki.

Every dog owner knows how big of an impact a dog has on our daily routines and how much emotional support it can provide. The dogs’ unending enthusiasm of exploring its own environment is as endearing as the joy which they express when their owners return home.

The Author-Dog -series was born out of love and respect for our furry four-legged friends. We wanted to find out how dogs affect the work of a writer and whether the writers were inspired by their dogs. In the series we meet up with writers for a walk with their dog and hear how their daily routines and work is affected by the dog. Does going for a walk break the flow of writing or does it cheer up the mind for a better flow of ideas?

Koirailijat - Sirpa Kähkönen, inforuutu

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Writer: Sirpa Kähkönen
Reporter: Marko Gustafsson
Filming: Panu Somerma ja Mikko Helander
Editing: Panu Somerma
Graphics: Panu Somerma
Music: Tuomas Kytöniemi ja Tero Matikainen
Swedish subtitles: Anna-Maria Malm
English subtitles: Panu Somerma
Producer: Riitta Taarasti
Produced by Kirjastokaista • Bibliotekskanalen • Library Channel, 2017

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