Library Channel renews its language versions

Library Channel has three language versions: Kirjastokaista in Finnish, Bibliotekskanalen in Swedish and Library Channel in English. Earlier all the programs were included in all the versions.

We renewed the language structure so that each version now includes only the programs produced in that language. For example, the English version only shows programs spoken or subtitled in English. By doing this we want to target our audiences better and make our programs more user-friendly.

Library Channel has about 3,500 programs, most of them produced by ourselves, but some programs have been made by different libraries or our partners and brought to Library Channel through their Vimeo or YouTube accounts.

Our production will continue as usual and our guiding line still is that all the programs can be shared, embedded and shown freely in various events and in classrooms. In fact most viewings now take place outside the actual Library Channel. The essence of our own interface is to have all our productions in one place and present them as a thematically logical whole. Our front page is our display window and calling card. In order to make our webpage even more user-friendly and attractive we will now focus on renewing its visual appeal. The metainformation behind the programs is in order, but we will try to better bring up our most popular series and make the whole information architecture easier to grasp.

Library Channel

– Riitta Taarasti, 20th April 2017 –

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