The Library of Parliament – 100 Years of Openness

The story of parliament’s library is part of the history of finnish society. Started in 1913, the library’s openness sets a good example of finnish democracy. There’s only a few parliament libraries, where citizens have a free access to and where they can openly get to know the documents of parliamentary sessions. Also the answers are searched and found for their questions.

How did the open parliament library came to be? What does it tell about Finland? And what does it mean on the point of view of democracy and the freedom of speech? In year of celebration’s honor, the leader Sari Pajula, the leading information specialists Päivikki Karhula and Timo Turja and the informaticist Päivi Erkkilä tell about the parliament’s library and it’s colorful chapters.

Watch the story of parliament’s library. There’s a free access for this 30-minute programme and it’s allowed to share on the website of library channel. Videos in finnish are also found wih subtitles in english and swedish.

The program with swedish subtitles.

The program with english subtitles.

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– Riitta Taarasti, 18.12.2013 –

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