Library Connection – 10 years of co-operation

Library Connection documentary is now ready and available for viewing at Kirjastokaista. It can be downloaded, embedded on any site and be shown anywhere without limitations.

The city of Vantaa and the city of Windhoek have worked together for 10 years. The Project has been a part of Local Finlands north-south co-operation program which has financed collaboration with African municipalities. Library has been a part of this and it’s effects have been the biggest. As a result the Greenwell Matongo Community Library has been built in Katutura, Windhoek.*

The Library is like an oasis in the poor part of the city. It offers a safe-haven to kids and a peaceful place to study for students. In addition to lending books it offers people the chance to learn computer skills. Katutura is far from the services and shopping malls of the city centre. Thanks to the library, people don’t need to take an expensive taxi to the centre.

Fairly quickly after starting the project, Vantaa library realised, that they don’t have enough people to see the project through. At that point, people from other HelMet-libraries joined in. The documentary tells the history of the project through key players. People from both city of Vantaa and Windhoek have been inteviewed as well as librarians and other staff.

Watch the documentary: Library Connection: Vantaa – Windhoek (2014)
More info about Katutura: Katutura Wikipediassa

– Panu Somerma, 1.12.2014 –

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