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The Street Librarian (2015) is about the work of Edward Fungo, the Regional Librarian of Morogoro. He’s determined to make Tanzania an informational society one person at a time. Working together with Finnish Library Associactions Libraries for Development (Finland/Namibia/Tanzania) he’s creating new models of IT-training and tirelessly travels around Morogoro teaching people about computers.

Edwards enthusiasm is infectious and empowering, he’s a true Street Librarian!

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Screenplay by: Tuomas Lipponen & Panu Somerma
Directed by: Tuomas Lipponen
Camera: Panu Somerma & Mikko Helander
Edited by: Panu Somerma
Sound post production: Tuomas Kytöniemi
Music: Pamelo Mounka – L’argent Appelle L’argent

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