FLN: Essence of Entresse

Entresse library takes a laid-back and sometimes even a little unpredictable approach to its duty to civilize and educate. The atmosphere in the library is unaffected and convivial.
Entresse is a library designed especially for leisure and different kinds of events, where people from different age-groups and cultures have a chance to meet and interact. Particularly important are children and youth, for whom the library organizes events and workshops, providing them possibilities for learning, cultural refinement and hanging-out. In addition youth-workers are an integral part of the staff in Entresse’s youth section. The elderly people actively participate in the library’s internet and mobile phone courses as well as in the reading group. The customers can also organize their own events in the library. The stage and the blue room are available for public use.
This video has made for a Finnish Libraries Now! -publication. The publication consisting of a brochure and a website designed to guide individuals and communities into the exciting world of the Finnish libraries in 2012. The page was closed in 2023.

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Written by: Olli Myyrä
Filmed and edited by: Panu Somerma
Music by: Volatrax
Graphic design by: Harri Oksanen
Colour correction by: Tuomas Lipponen
Produced by: Ninni Sandelius ja Riitta Taarasti
Production time: 2012

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