FLN: Code of Ethics Guides Libraries in the Digital Era

Who has the responsibility in the libraries to watch over children’s shoulders and take care of what they are doing, especially on the internet? Should there be a special place in the libraries for certain material, so that they would be out of children’s sight? Should there be a filtered system? What to do, when public library computers display material that bothers other patrons or is seen by children? Who does library space belong to? Can research library be a part of rooting out plagiarism? Do the libraries have the responsibility to teach online ethics?
These were the questions that inspired Finnish library associations to create a code of ethics for library professionals. Find out more about it in an interview of Tuula Haavisto’s, Director of Libraries, City of Tampere. This video has made for a Finnish Libraries Now! -publication. The publication consisting of a brochure and a website designed to guide individuals and communities into the exciting world of the Finnish libraries in 2012. The site was closed in 2023

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Written by: Anu Kerttula
Filmed and edited by: Anu Kerttula
Graphic design by: Harri Oksanen
Colour correction by: Tuomas Lipponen
Produced by: Ninni Sandelius ja Riitta Taarasti
Production time: 2012

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