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Banned books: 5th December Author & President of Finnish PEN, Jarkko Tontti, presents Decamerone (1350-1353) by Giovanni Boccaccio. The Entresse Library in Espoo, Finland and FAIFE (IFLA Committee on Freedom […]

Live-stream recording from a two-day conference “Designing today, Destination tomorrow – Libraries equipped to serve and innovate” in Helsinki, Finland on March 19-20, 2015. This live streaming video includes a […]

Doloresa Veilande, the Library Director of Riga Central Library in Latvia tells about the lending point of Riga Central Library at the day centre for homeless and poor inhabitants of […]

Live-stream recording from a two-day conference “RESHAPE – Designing the future of the library” in Helsinki, Finland on September 26-27, 2016. This live streaming video includes a presentation by Dominique […]

Banned books: 24th December Santa Claus, Father Christmas, presents Donald Duck (1934) by Walt Disney. The Entresse Library in Espoo, Finland and FAIFE (IFLA Committee on Freedom of Access to […]

Live-stream recording from a two-day conference “RESHAPE – Designing the future of the library” in Helsinki, Finland on September 26-27, 2016. This live streaming video includes a Pecha kucha -session […]

The EBLIDA-NAPLE Forum joint gathering was held in Helsinki over a four day period, with the main conference on Friday May 7, 2010. EBLIDA’s President, Gerald Leitner also CEO of […]

Libraries are for sure important places. In fact, they can contribute to creating a stronger society. By providing information and related services, they may actually even help individuals in rising […]

Ellen Namhila is the head librarian at Namibia’s University Library. She completed her library studies in Finland in the early 1990s and now returned to visit as a guest of […]

Eppo van Nispen, director of the Library Concept Center (DOK) in Delft, Holland was visiting Finland as part of the international lecture series organized by the Helsinki City Library as […]

Erik Boekesteijn, a senior advisor at National Library of the Netherlands, gives a presentation on “Libraries and democracy – A choreography of solutions”. The presentation is a part of “Inspiraatiota […]

Greetings from Erik Boekesteijn, host of This week in libraries, to Cycling for libraries -event 2013. More information: Cycling for libraries Video: Tuomas Lipponen Music: Cycling through Ikeburo by Koen […]

EuropeanaLocal builds on existing multiplier networks of local institutions to bring together a consortium that represents 27 countries with broad ranging experience of the cultural sector, digital libraries, standards and […]

Live-stream recording from the seminar “The Marrakesh Treaty in Action” in Helsinki, Finland on March 12, 2019. This live streaming video includes a presentation by Eva Houltzén, CEO, Axiell Media […]

Is it a perfect moment for reading, watching or listening? Grab your phone or tablet and start enjoying the eLibrary – whenever, wherever. There you find books, movies, videos, music […]

Explore, Discover, Be Inspired Inger Edebro Sikström, Library Director, Umeå Public Library A pecha kucha presentation from ‘The New Library – Design and Function’ conference held February 10-12, 2011, at […]

Live-stream recording of IFLA 2012 session on 15th of August 2012. SESSION I 13:00 – This is how you are being controlled today! Chair: Kai Ekholm Guests: Loida Garcia Febo, […]

We get information about the book boat which travels around the islands that don’t have road connections. The book boat has been sailing on the sea over 30 years and now gives […]

Sami Serola tells about the results of a study, which was conducted by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Information Studies and Interactive Media department of University of […]

Helsinki will soon become the home of the library of the 2020’s, the new Helsinki Central Library, that will be the most popular meeting place in the city. We expect […]

Who has the responsibility in the libraries to watch over children’s shoulders and take care of what they are doing, especially on the internet? Should there be a special place in the […]

In 2006 Jakobstad library took a step forward and started to lend e-books to customers. Only a short while earlier Sweden had done the same. The popularity of e-books increased when student […]

A photo collage on Kotka libraries and how they decided to decrease stress to the environment through their actions because of their massive carbon dioxide emissions for many different reasons. Where did […]

The video is about how librarians’ education has to be updated with the changes in the libraries concerning technology, for instance. In the future libraries will become more multi-professional, so what skills […]

The video tells about a bookmobile that drives around not only in Lapland but also in Norway and Sweden. The video includes interviews with the bookmobile driver and customers. The […]

The project Sanat peliin (Words Play) allows inmates who will soon be released to have an opportunity to learn more about literature and information retrieval. In the video Irmeli Malka-Kannisto […]

Merja Rostila tells about digitising services libraries offer. Haluatko digitoida kotiarkistosi aarteet? Mitä tehdä vanhoille VHS-videonauhoille, kun kotona ei ole enää videonauhuria? Entä diojen muuttaminen digikuviksi tai vanhojen punasävyisten valokuvien […]

In this video you’ll see examples of different kinds of services libraries provide outside of libraries. The video also focuses on the importance of collaboration. Kirjasto ei suinkaan toimi pelkästään […]

In this video information service assistant Mikko Hyötyniemi tells us how partnership in the Barents region came to be, how it works and what are the difficulties and advantages to run cultural […]

Kirsti Kekki tells about legislations regarding libraries and the details of their preparation. Millainen on suomalainen tapa järjestää kirjastopalveluita? Miten kirjastoa koskeva lainsäädäntö pidetään ajan tasalla? Kulttuuriasiainneuvos Kirsti Kekki kertoo […]