Library of Parliament – 100 years of openness

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The story of the Library of Parliament is a part of the history of Finnish society. The library being open to everyone since 1913 is a good example of Finnish democracy. There are very few parliament libraries in the world that have free access to normal citizens, where they are free to read the parliament documents and to get answers to their questions.

How did Finland get an open parliament library? What does an open parliament library tell about Finland? And what does it mean for democracy and freedom of expression? Honoring the celebration of the year, Director Sari Pajula, head information specialists Päivikki Karhula and Timo Turja, as well as informaticist Päivi Erkkilä, tell about the Library of Parliament and its colorful stages.

Additional information:
Library of Parliament website

Reporter and producer: Riitta Taarasti
Filming: Tuomas Lipponen and Panu Somerma
Editing: Panu Somerma
Graphic artist: Harri Oksanen
Photo reporters: Päivi Erkkilä, Hilppa Haukka and Tarja Venesvirta
Photos: Eduskunnan kuva-arkisto, SA-image archive, City of Helsinki media bank and Wikipedia Commons
Music: Lift Motif – Kevin MacLeod (
Production: Library Channel –, 2013

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