In the Legislation and Copyright category you will find presentations and interviews that are related to legalization, copyrights and protection of individual privacy. The recordings are, for the most part, originally live streamed from library related seminars, events and conferences.
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Ville Oksanen (Electronic Frontier Finland) talks about Lex Snowden, a citizens’ legislative initiative that would criminalize excessive surveillance of citizens and enhance protection of whistle-blowers in Finland. Reporter: Päivikki Karhula […]

Birgitta Jónsdóttir is a member of the Icelandic parliament (Pirate party), poet, writer and an activist with a passion for freedom of speech and internet to name a few things. […]

Adviser Ülle Talihärm from Estonian Ministry of Culture tells about the public library legislation reform. The presentation was held in Helsinki on the 12th of November in 2014. Read more: […]