Toke Frello & Cecilie Lyneborg: Augmented Reality in the Children’s Library

Live-stream recording from a two-day conference “RESHAPE – Reshaping lives and libraries” in Helsinki, Finland. This live streaming video includes a Pecha Kucha presentation by Toke Frello, Facilitator and designer focusing on interaction and learning Herlev Library, Denmark and Cecilie Lyneborg, Digital intermediator and developer, Herlev Library, Denmark, ”Augmented Reality in the Children’s Library”.

Toke Frello has a mixed background in design – half academia, half practice. He strives to create accessible, interactive experiences that pique the curiosity and kickstart the imagination of the user, and he switches between concept development and practical stuff as needed. He sees the library as the optimal venue to reach a diverse demographic.

Cecilie Lyneborg is educated in Performance Design and Visual Culture. She tries to challenge the status quo and test new combinations of concepts – both within art, culture and digital communication as well as through installations and exhibitions in the physical space of the library. She wants to surprise the library’s users with unexpected experiences and encounters.

Reshape 2019 gathed librarians and other professionals from different countries to the newly opened, amazing Helsinki Central Library Oodi May, 6th – 7th, 2019. This year’s theme is Reshaping Lives and Libraries. It

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Live-stream: Panu Somerma and Mikko Helander
Producer: Riitta Taarasti
Produced by Library Channel (Kirjastokaista), 2019

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