Sonia Bouis: Experiences of Koha in Lyon

Live-stream recording from a two-day ”Koha seminar” in Joensuu, Finland on May 21-22, 2015. This live streaming video includes a presentation ”Experiences of Koha in Lyon” by Sonia Bouis, a Study engineer of Jean Moulin – Lyon 3 University – responsible for documentary information system.
Jean Moulin Lyon 3 specialises in humanities, social and law sciences and enrolls 26000 students a year. The library is composed of 3 principal libraries and 35 associated libraries. The University Lyon 3 Library has used Koha since 2010 and was the first University library to use it in France. This presentation is going to summarise this 5 year experience. For a start, the reason behind the library chose Koha. Next, how to prepare the migration process, the evaluation of the specific developments needed and staff training. And then, after almost two years in production, we first changed of version and made the decision to get involved in the Koha community. The Library’s Koha team tried to propose enhancements to the community and above all to test new developments to validate the functional aspects.

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Koha seminar, Joensuu 2015

Image mixing: Mikko Helander
Cameras: Panu Somerma
Produced by Kirjastokaista –, 2015

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