Pirjo Lipasti & Anna-Maria Soininvaara: What’s up? Helsinki new central library

Live-stream recording from a two-day conference “RESHAPE – Designing the future of the library” in Helsinki, Finland on September 26-27, 2016. This live streaming video includes a presentation by Pirjo Lipasti, Lead Planner, Central Library Project and Anna-Maria Soininvaara, Deputy Library Director, Helsinki City Library: What’s up? Helsinki new central library

New libraries are currently being planned or have recently been completed in many cities around the world. New technologies and changes in individual behavior alter the way in which we approach service design in an evolving environment. It requires that we rethink and redesign the whole view of libraries.
The City of Helsinki is currently building a new central library scheduled to open in December 2018. Because of this, the Helsinki City Library organized a conference to share experiences, best ideas – and “lessons learned”.

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Image mixing: Panu Somerma
Cameras: Mikko Helander
Producer: Riitta Taarasti
Produced by Kirjastokaista – Kirjastot.fi, 2016

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