Mark Borneman’s tips for library marketing

Has this ever happened to you? Library staff have an idea that they believe will really be helpful to the public, ‘if only we marketed it’ and ‘if only we raised awareness through posters or an event’. In the interview Mark Borneman challenges us all to create new concepts and ways to market libraries. Which are the eight steps that you need to take to be a better marketer? You can also find inspiration by checking out Mark’s Prezi-presentation.

Mark Borneman works as a communication & marketing manager at DOK Library Concept Center, which in 2009 won ‘Best library of the Netherlands award’ and was voted to be ‘the most modern library in the world’ by USA research.

Read more:
Helsinki marketing presentation – Mark Borneman

Reporter: Virve Miettinen
Filming and editing: Jonni Tammisto
Date of filming: 26.5.2011

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