Kai Välbe: Contemporary evaluation methods of library`s impact

Live-stream recording from a conference “Vaikuta tai kuole” in Helsinki, Finland on September 25, 2017. This live streaming video includes a speech by keynote speaker, Senior Specialist Kai Välbe from National Library of Estonia, “Contemporary evaluation methods of library`s impact used in the National Library of Estonia”.

Main methods of user satisfaction and impact surveys used lately in the NLE:
1) In 2016 the National Library carried out the 3rd SERVQUAL gap-method survey covering 26 service quality indicators and also including 2 questions of impact. The sample: all active users (16 712). We received 1939 responses (11,6%) and 3 901 free answers.
2) The National Library of Estonia is constantly using the NPS (Net Promoter Score) method to measure the satisfaction of its users with several branches of library service. As the National Library of Estonia also fulfills the function of a parliamentary library, the library addressed the Members of Parliament in 2016 and asked them also a question of impact.

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Image mixing: Mikko Helander
Cameras: Panu Somerma
Graphics: Mikko Helander
Producer: Riitta Taarasti
Produced by Kirjastokaista – Kirjastot.fi, 2017

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