Inga Nyman Ambrosiani: Koha and Stockholm University Library

Live-stream recording from a two-day ”Koha seminar” in Joensuu, Finland on May 21-22, 2015. This live streaming video includes a presentation ”Koha and Stockholm University Library” by Inga Nyman Ambrosiani, a Librarian and a member of the Koha Project Team at Stockholm University Library.
Stockholm University Library has decided to implement the free and open source library system Koha as the circulation module in a larger system architecture for printed material. The system architecture for printed material will revolve around three pillars: Koha, LIBRIS and the internally developed book logistics system Viola. This presentation aims to present the work being done at Stockholm University Library, while also discussing the benefits of opening up the library systems to others.

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Koha seminar, Joensuu 2015

Image mixing: Mikko Helander
Cameras: Panu Somerma
Produced by Kirjastokaista –, 2015

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