IFLA Trend Report Helsinki, World Café summaries

Live-stream recording from a one-day conference ”Ahead of the Curve: recognizing and reacting to growing trends on the Trend Report” IFLA organised in Helsinki, Finland 9th February 2015. This live streaming video includes summaries of the small group discussions by the group chairs Library Directors Rebekka Pilppula from Joensuu, Susann Forsberg from Kokkola and Virpi Launonen from Mikkeli.

Additional information:
Trend Report in English
Trend Report in Finnish
International IFLA Trend Report web page

Image mixing: Panu Somerma
Cameras: Mikko Helander
Audio: Marko Ronkainen
Producer: Riitta Taarasti
Produced by Kirjastokaista – Kirjastot.fi, 2015

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