Gitte Barlach: Library IT in DK and Dokk1

Live-stream recording from the ”Asiakas keskiössä!” -acquisition day. This live streaming video includes a presentation by Gitte Barlach, Project Manager, Århus City Library, Denmark: Library IT in DK and Dokk1.

The consortium of public libraries in Finland organized an acquisition day for public libraries, which theme was “Asiakas keskiössä (The customer at the center of attention)”. Latest news from the consortium were heard throughout the day, along with news from Finland and around the world. The event was held on May 23rd, 2016 in Pasila Library auditorium in Helsinki.

Image mixing: Mikko Helander
Cameras: Panu Somerma
Producer: Riitta Taarasti
Produced by Kirjastokaista –, 2016

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