Bagir Kwiek: The imagination is a good place to be – it is limitless

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Live-stream recording from a two-day webinar “Nordic Libraries Annual 2021”. This live streaming video includes a presentation by Sweden’s ambassador for reading Bagir Kwiek “The imagination is a good place to be – it is limitless”. At the end of the presentation, moderator of the conference Päivi Jokitalo interviews Bagir Kwiek and Virpi Launonen and reviews the comments and questions from the conference’s followers.

On 2021 the conference was organized online from 3rd to 4th of November, and the focus was on libraries and democracy. According to many Nordic library policies, the task of libraries is to ensure citizens’ equal access to knowledge, education, culture, and new citizenship skills. The work carried out by libraries should support inclusiveness, community, and opportunities for making an impact, to strengthen social cohesion and the readiness of citizens to assume social responsibility.

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Live-stream: Panu Somerma, Mikko Helander and Joonas Nevalainen
Producer: Riitta Taarasti
Produced by Library Channel (Kirjastokaista), 2021

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