Arve Søreide: Creating Better Library Services

Live-stream recording from a two-day ”Koha seminar” in Joensuu, Finland on May 21-22, 2015. This live streaming video includes a presentation ”Creating Better Library Services” by Arve Søreide, the Program Manager of Oslo Public Library.
“Attracting new visitor groups” and “facilitating cooperation between patrons” are two key goals for the new public library project, and therefore also for the ICT solutions. The library should offer immersive and engaging experiences and present the contents in a way that highlights relations between works, themes and authors. Rather than including these functions inside an ILS, we want to build an extended library system, where circulation is one of several services. Koha will provide some, but not all, of these. Our project is therefore an atypical Koha project – but there could be results that are useful even for libraries with different needs.

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Koha seminar, Joensuu 2015

Image mixing: Mikko Helander
Cameras: Panu Somerma
Produced by Kirjastokaista –, 2015

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