6-12 year olds as a part of developing the organizations work on the net

Tanja-Riikka Knyazev from Finnish Youth Societies told about the Mun Vuoro! My Turn! -project at the experts seminar More Than Just Child’s Pl@y which was held 10.-11.2.2011 and organized by Mannerheim League of Child Welfare and Finnish Society on Media Education.
Small children and children in school age spend a great amount of their time among different media. That’s why it’s important to develop media education in early childhood. The subject has in the recent years been studied in Finland. The Finnish Society on Media Education and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare organizes an international seminar for circa 50 experts on media education in early childhood. During two days experts get acquainted with the media education field from a small child’s perspective by examining engagement in fan- and media culture and by getting to know the latest research. In the working groups the participants get acquainted with the media education situation in other countries and learn about projects and researches.

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Mannerheim League on Child Welfare

Filming: Tuomas Lipponen and Tio Delikouras
Editing: Tuomas Lipponen
Date of filming: 11.2.2011

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