Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it allowed to share and publish videos of Kirjastokaista in other websites?
  • Yes. Programs are made for free share and embedding them in other websites is more than welcome. For example, if you want to have the newest video on Kirjastokaista to automatically show up on your website, feel free to contact us. We will send you a script that can be attached to your page so that the newest video from the category of your choice will be available for viewing on your site.

  • How can I add a video from Kirjastokaista to my own website?
  • There is a Embed-code -button alongside of every video. Click the button and copy the code. The desired video can be viewed after you have pasted the embed code on your website or blog post. Videos can be easily shared in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by clicking the corresponding icon alongside every video on Kirjastokaista.

  • How can I loop a Kirjastokaista video? (In the Library for example)
  • This site allows you to easily repeat any Vimeo videos. You want to loop a video forever? You’re at the right place! Vimeorepeat

  • Why does Kirjastokaista have its own user interface instead of just uploading videos on YouTube?
  • We thought over this and ended up using a separate user interface in order to collect productions of different libraries as well as other library-themed videos in a user friendly manner in one spesific site. Thanks to this, each video stands out and can be more easily found instead of drowning in an endless stream of irrelevant YouTube-videos. The user interface is based on WordPress and the videos are first uploaded on Vimeo and then brought to Our most important task is firstly to produce interesting cultural programs in a library context while having a marketing point of view in mind, and secondly to take part in conversation in a professional library field through our programs. We want to do all this openly while making easily shareable high quality programs. With a separate user interface we have been able to create our own features that makes finding, sharing and usage of programs enjoyable. is to us, Kirjastokaista-team, a product that allows us to widely co-operate with different organizations.

  • Does Library Channel offer an application development interface?
  • Library Channel is a WordPress-based site thus offering an application development interface for developers. You can retrieve the site’s data through the WordPress JSON API interface. You can find a manual for the JSON API in english on the WordPress-site here:

    Due to the multilingual interface of Library Channel, the site also uses WPML JSON API which works well with articles but not so well with category listings. A working multilingual category listing is available tailor-made:

    Examples on how to form searches using the interface:
    10 newest articles (articles, videos, audio)
    2 newest articles from category ”Literature and Culture > Prosak Prose Clubs”
    1 random article from category ”Children’s Programs > Reading Tips for Children”
    5 articles in english from category ”Education Channel > IFLA”
    The videos and radio-programmes of Library Channel are imported from Vimeo, YouTube and Soundcloud. There are also various interfaces and widgets available for these services.