Sujata Massey interview

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In this short interview, Sujata Massey tells interesting facts about how Rei Shimura, her curious, truthful and justice searching Japanese-American main character, was born and what kind of problems the tenth book caused her. Sujata Massey is writing a new part for the series, which she also talks about in this interview.

Sujata Massey’s works are not limited to Japan, namely her latest book, The Sleeping Dictionary, is situated in 1930s and 1940s India. The main character of The Sleeping Dictionary, like Rei Shimura, is a strong female character whose adventures date back to the revolutionary stages of India’s history.

The video was imported to Library Channel from Noora Ohvo’s YouTube channel.

Additional information:
Sujata Massey

Reporter: Noora Ohvo
Filming: Noora Ohvo & Minttu Vuorikari

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